2023 Calendars Are Ready To Order!

The 2023 Calendar Cover

The artwork is complete and checked, and has been sent to the printer-the François Robert 2023 Classic Car Calendar is almost here! We anticipate shipping the calendars out before October 1st, but you can lock in your price now at $20.00 US with free shipping in the United States-will have updates on International Shipping within a few days, and we will have that option available. After October 1st, the price will go up to $25.00 with free shipping, so place your order now!

For USA Addresses

The 2021 Calendars Are Here!!!

Hot off the press, the 2021 Francois Robert Illustration Car calendars are here! Featuring 12 ALL NEW illustrations, these make the perfect gift for the car enthusiast or gearhead in your family! Only $15 + $5 shipping and handling ($20 total) you can complete your Christmas shopping early! Only available here through the website, nowhere else! Head over to the Calendars page to order!

François Robert on Patreon!

May 30th, 2020

Well, everyone, there’s never a perfect time to start a new adventure, but there’s never a bad one either-I have been trying to figure out how I’m going to make a living in these troubling times (as we all are) when I remembered about Patreon, and it’s patron based model designed for creative people who can consistently produce content (in my case, the classic car illustrations!). I stewed on it for awhile, and have decided to take the plunge!

There’s more to all this than simply sending in money-you definitely get something in return (besides my undying gratitude!). Everything from private “behind the scenes” looks at how I create my art, to postcards, prints, even commissions to create your own classic car illustration-it’s all there, and more! So please have a look over on my Patreon page, and consider becoming a patron-thank you so much for your support!


Prints? We’ve Got Prints!!

It’s all done now-the prints page is now open! I’ve teamed up with Fine Art America to handle printmaking for the Automotive Series-you can now head over to the Prints page (look above in the menu bar!) click on the illustration you want, order it through Fine Art America, and it will be delivered to your door-even framed, if you so choose! Other items are also available-coffee mugs, towels, phone cases, yoga mats (???) so head on over-Christmas is right around the corner! Thanks, François

More Cars Done!

mustang finalA couple more cars have been completed (a ’49 Buick I saw down in Sebring, FL, the other a ’66 Mustang that belongs to a buddy of mine) and I’m getting ready to do some more- a 1918 American LaFrance fire engine (!) and a ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge… and whatever else someone wants me to do… If you want to commission an illustration, holler at me via the contact form on the home page, and let’s talk about it!!

49 buick finished

Soon, I’ll be offering prints of my illustrations, will post details once I have it all nailed down! Thanks for stopping in, and hope to hear from you soon… François

My, How The World Has Changed…

It’s pretty amazing how much can change in a year-sure there’s the obvious things (glad this election is over!) but also in our own lives-think back to what your life was like a year ago, and compare it to now. For some people, it’s not a drastic change (maybe new clothes, a couple new friends, etc.) others it’s a complete 180… This past year, I fall into the latter camp! New relationship, new job, new city, lots of new friends-yeah that’s a pretty big change in your life! It can be mighty stressful at times too, but the rewards are well worth it if you choose correctly!

The one thing that hasn’t changed, though, is what I do for a living, and that’s creating art-a job that I never get tired of, something I can look forward to when I wake up in the morning and head into the studio-checking e-mails to see if a new project is coming in, or if a proof was approved, quoting a job… then getting to actually creating art! Those of you who understand the creative bug, the drive, desire and NEED to create-get this part of me (and people like me) totally.

I’m fortunate in that I’ve been able to support myself and my family with my art all these years, and I certainly plan on continuing this life of mine for as long as I can still breathe… While I have certainly have changed a lot in my life over the last year, in my soul I am an artist, and will always be that way-that will never change!!!

On another note, I went and updated the pages, and added some recent projects-go have a look and see what else I’ve been up to!

Thanks, Francois