François Robert on Patreon!

May 30th, 2020

Well, everyone, there’s never a perfect time to start a new adventure, but there’s never a bad one either-I have been trying to figure out how I’m going to make a living in these troubling times (as we all are) when I remembered about Patreon, and it’s patron based model designed for creative people who can consistently produce content (in my case, the classic car illustrations!). I stewed on it for awhile, and have decided to take the plunge!

There’s more to all this than simply sending in money-you definitely get something in return (besides my undying gratitude!). Everything from private “behind the scenes” looks at how I create my art, to postcards, prints, even commissions to create your own classic car illustration-it’s all there, and more! So please have a look over on my Patreon page, and consider becoming a patron-thank you so much for your support!

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